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"The things you taught us have already enhanced our sex life. We feel much more confident sexually"< Our Demonstration Workshops offer a practical demonstration of sensual massage, arousal and tantric techniques, showing you skills that you can apply during your own lovemaking and allowing you to experiment and practice under our guidance.

"We are going from strength to strength, sex is the best it has ever been, I [female] can't believe that I can now reach an orgasm, my mind is opening and I want to learn more" Please follow the links below to the various pages relating to the different types of Workshop.

Couples Workshops

Demonstration Workshops for Couples

Demonstration Workshops for Individuals

Initially, Demonstration Workshops were restricted to couples but an increasing number of individuals (both male and female) have asked if we can offer something similar to help them learn how to improve their lovemaking technique and give pleasure to their partner. After an experimental period of offering workshop sessions to selected individuals we can now provide individually designed sessions to both men and women. To protect ourselves, we do require a full discussion by e-mail and/or telephone before accepting a booking.

Demonstration Workshops for Individuals

Self-Arousal Workshop for Women

Specifically for women, I now offer a practical Demonstration Workshop for Women wishing to learn techniques for self-arousal or experiment with female-friendly toys in a safe and relaxed environment. I will demonstrate techniques on myself and on you, and we can practice together. We can explore the various levels of female orgasm, and we can discuss self-arousal as a form of meditation. Unless specifically requested, my husband is not involved in the session.

Self-Arousal Workshop for Women

Sensual Massage Workshops

Sex Education Workshops

An element of sex education can be included in couples workshops. Following enquiries from clients we are currently evaluating the possibility of offering specific sex education workshops to couples only of any age (over 18). If you are interested in this type of workshop please contact me at the e-mail address shown on the Contact page.