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Prices for Sensual Massage

Massage duration

Sensual Massage is ideally 90 minutes or longer, and this is strongly recommended to ensure time for complete relaxation and prolonged arousal. A 60 minute session is available on request - please ask when contacting me for an appointment. If you would like an appointment longer than 90 minutes it is important that you try to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Full details of my working hours, and my current availability, are on my Appointments page.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment so that your massage can start on time. Thank you.


To avoid unnecessary stress at the end of a session, I respectfully request full payment in cash before starting. Please note that I do not accept credit or debit cards. This is because very few clients want to pay in this way and the card processing companies impose absurd rental charges for the equipment, so it does not make economic sense.

The Extras aren't extra!

Sensual Massage Prices

My philosophy is that you, the client, should have a fair deal whatever your needs, and that it's a cheat to make you pay more for that little bit extra. So, my sensual massage is all-inclusive, incorporating many of the things other therapists charge for as extras. In particular, I do not separate "Tantra" into a separate, artificial offering at a higher price - there really is no such thing as "Tantric Massage" anyway - rather, I incorporate tantric principles and techniques into all my massages.

On many web sites you will see confusing separate sections for "Sensual Massage", "Tantric Massage", "Special Massage", etc. Typically, the separate offerings have ever more expensive prices too! I don't charge for so-called "extras" - I incorporate everything into my standard massage framework.

Please note that session durations include time to welcome you, and for you to shower and dress after your massage (see Terms & Conditions). If you would like a shower before your massage, please let me know in advance and arrive a few extra minutes before your appointment start time.

Price Table

Sensual Massage for Women by Female or Male Therapist
Sensual Massage for Women (recommended time)90 mins105
Sensual Massage for Women60 mins75
Sensual Massage for Women2 hours140
Sensual Massage for Men by Female or Male Therapist
Sensual Massage for Men (recommended time)90 mins120
Sensual Massage for Men60 mins90
Sensual Massage for Men2 hours160
Male-to-Male Sensual Massage (recommended time)90 mins120
Male-to-Male Sensual Massage60 mins90
Sensual Massage for Couples
Sensual Massage for Couples90 mins each225
Demonstration Workshop for CouplesVaries according to options chosen80 per hour
Demonstration Workshop for IndividualsVaries according to options chosen80 per hour
Self-Arousal Workshop for WomenVaries according to time required80 per hour


Cancellations and No-Shows ...

Please see the Terms & Conditions here: Terms & Conditions